Why I started this blog…

I’ve been home educating my children for the past 13 years but I didn’t start using CM until about two years ago.  I honestly don’t know how we managed without it!  My kids have grown so much since we started Ambleside Online, I wish we had started sooner. 

I certainly can’t say I’m an expert on Charlotte Mason methodology, but I know it’s much more than a list of books to trudge through each year.  Charlotte’s methods are what make this such a unique system and so valuable.  I am constantly trying to learn (and sometimes re-learn) her methods.  I find it a bit difficult to implement these ideas because some of them are so contrary to conventional education systems.  It takes a Bit to make them stick in my brain! 

I believe the best way to really understand CM is to read her books and study what she had to say about training children.  That’s why I am working my way through all of her six volumes in the education series.  Most of what I’ve read so far really is common sense and not difficult to understand at all. The more I read the more comfortable I feel with implementing her approach. 

I pray about how best to teach my children, and the Lord guides me in many ways, but often through the pages of Charlotte’s books I find an answer to a prayer

I wish that I could give every homeschool mom that same peace of mind I feel since the Lord led me to Ambleside.  I know how difficult teaching your children can be and the sense of failure you have when you feel things aren’t going well. I sincerely hope that I can be of service to my fellow home educating moms and be a light in the wilderness for those of you who may be struggling.  Not to say that I know so much that you should listen to me…but that I have struggled through dark times and I’ve gotten “over the hump”. There is hope!  If I can feel peace and success in our homeschool, you can have that peace in yours as well! 

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